Experts for green hydrogen.


Green hydrogen projects have a name: H2PROM. We are experts in the selection and implementation of commercial green hydrogen generation systems. Your wishes are the focus of our work.

our services

Project development

Selection: We help you to to chose the right green hydrogen generation system tailored to your demand.

Studies: We will provide you with studies on the impact of the plant on the environment.

Analysis: We will support you with the choice of location and building conditions.

Formalities: We will assist you with the official formalities and grant applications.

Infrastructure: We will check existing infrastructure and check what would need to be built.

Permits: We help you to obtain important licenses and permits.

Project implementation – Engineering procurement construction (EPC)

EngineeringOur team of excellent engineers works together with a team of partners form a interdisciplinary pool of different suppliers on the design of your plant. All processes are standardized pre-built for execution.

Procurement: We purchase all necessary components for the construction and ensure our customers the best products at the best prices on the market.

Construction: High quality standards are ensured during the construction under the supervision of our engineers.